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We started with the cheese back in 1987. Our beginnings were very positive given the lack of training in all subjects which are needed to lead a company, production, management, sales, management ... so we had to reconcile the conduct of all types of cheese courses, accounting, management
, health, ...

At first the company had one rennet deposit
300litros, two chambers of a fresh cheese 4 m3 and one for cured cheese of 10m3, a reception of 500 liters of milk, a kettle of hot water for pasteurization and a small cheese packaging machine manually. Thanks to our desire to improve and spirit of sacrifice and self-esteem we can overcome this stage with great physical effort and time worked.

In 1992 we changed the name went from being independent to form a limited partnership called Industrias Lácteas Cerrón, S.L., The project was to produce more types of cheese, pastry cream and cheese, dairy desserts going to have a workforce and 10 workers in 1995, when the firm has higher growth, resulting in studies for new projects, marking targets such as the development of organic dairy products. We shall take an important decision was to buy a farm and create organic goat farming to produce organic goat milk. Has our farm today is concerning symposia and courses on organic farming both nationally and internationally.
The quality of our products is determined by the degree to which our company can satisfy customers by providing consistent quality and continuous improvement of our products, based on what customers require, providing a service in keeping with the spirit of our company, since being a young company in continuous expansion we can convey this idea to our customers, establishing treatment and personal service. Therefore our most important assumptions are: achieving customer satisfaction, provide quality products on continuous improvement, define services and intimate dealings with customers.
We have 3000m2 distributed in various plants and identified as storage, workshop area manufacturing - are produced cheeses and dairy products, confectionery manufacturing area – where manufactured pastry dairy (cheese cakes, custards, ...) as a conventional pastry (confectionery cakes of all flavours and shapes), packaging area, shipping area, offices, have 1500m3 of cold storage and freezing.
As the team consists of 17 employees in dairies Cerron, 3 employees in Coqueval and 6 more in the farm.

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