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Why do we say that these products are organic?


Many people question what is organic farming? Why this product is organic and the other not? It is difficult to define what organic farming is. It is easier to define that which is not, how easy would say is that it does not use chemicals, but not quite true because all matter living or dead is composed of chemical elements in agriculture but the use of natural (the use as fertilizers, to protect crops and livestock) while trying to avoid the systematic use or direct them, however natural, never trying to imitate natural that the environmental impact is minimized in the environment, placing trees, hedges, shrubs or working with the ecosystem, instead of dominating maintaining and increasing the fertility of the soil, working with them and for them thinking they are part of our lives, prevent all forms of pollution resulting from agricultural practices, work with the animals by giving them a quality of life that permits them to aspects of their natural behaviour, for these reasons and for many other reasons is why we say this product is Eco.


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