Breeding and Agriculture
The property is already listed as a producer since 1999 ecological vine both as grain, olives and almonds; it is located in the goat herd of Murciano-Granadina breed registered in the studbook of the breed with the initials JAD also listed as producer for organic meat, milk and animal life. It also is developing a waste minimization and assessment as manure through vermiculture turning this into humus, a product this much sought and appreciated by organic farmers. 

This forged on the basis of agroecology is defined as a way to produce healthy food and good quality. The production methods are environmentally sound, clean and provide stability and balance system and the components involved in the process.
We know that this area, the desertification is caused mainly by climatic variations and human activities such as cultivation and overgrazing, deforestation and lack of irrigation.
This practice not only intended not to degrade the natural resources but also regenerate gradually increasing the quality of soil, water and foodstuffs obtained. It is therefore a production system that builds over time. Using agroecological techniques improve our soil mineralization avoiding them, so we get the erosion that occurs in this area by wind and storm water is minimized to reduce the minimum desertification. 
Have our farm today is concerning symposia and courses on organic farming both nationally and internationally.
The property is currently composed of livestock with a total of 750 goats and 187 acres on the parcel and distribution of varieties produced is as follows: [See PDF]
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